Why Blog?

After reading the syllabus for INTD 105 Risks and Rewards of an Academic Partnership and finding out there was 10 blog posts required, I was anxious. Writing blogs is completely new to many of us in the class, especially me.  There are many different types of blogs such as fashion blogs, food blogs… I have never been very interested in blogs or blogging, but I am very excited to learn as I go.  I have been putting off writing my first post for the exact reason that I mentioned above. I’ve never done it, but here I go! Who knows? Maybe I will want to start my own blog after.

As I’ve read some of my classmate’s blogs and other blogs, I believe a blog can be used as a form of expression.  As a blogger, one can write whatever, keeping a specific audience in mind before. In the class Syllabus, Dr. McCoy didn’t assign a length of how long a post should be. The only requirement was that we completed 10 blog post by the end of the semester. This allows us to write freely  and not worry about a set number of pages or words, but the quality of our work.

Connecting to the class title, a blog post has its own risk and rewards. A blog, being a very public form of media can be seen, as expressed by Dr. McCoy, by many people. Knowing our blogs can be seen by anyone and everyone is alarming for the future. Our future employers, colleagues, and anyone browsing the internet can view our blogs.  A risk of blogging would be exposing ourselves to criticism by outsiders.  But this risk can also be considered a reward because it allows us to learn from our writing and improve our blog posts.

This is the first step of my blogging journey throughout INTD 105 as I continue to grow as a beginning blogger.


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