The Best Class Ever

Best class ever, you must be wondering to yourself. On February 12th, we drew in class of what we thought T’Gatoi looked like. I thought this activity was very amusing because never in a million years I thought I would be drawing in a college course let alone with crayons and markers.  Considering that the last art course I took was in 8th grade, it was safe to say my drawing was definitely not the best.

When Dr.McCoy told us to draw what we thought T’Gatoi looked like, my mind went to pac-man ghosts for some reason. In my head, how Octavia Butler described how Tlic move very swiftly, I connected it to how the ghosts in pac-man cut around the corners very quick. On top of that, I also thought a Tlic could look like the monster in Stranger Things 2. For those who know what I am talking about it is the shadow monster.  It was interesting to see what my fellow classmates thought a Tlic looked like. For example, Roisin thought a Tlic looked like a human but with a lot of limbs with a exoskeleton look to it. On the other hand, we have Anderson who interpreted a Tlic as a worm like creature with a lot of limbs. Anderson’s illustration stood out to me the most because how creative it was.

After my group was done talking to each other, we googled “tlic” and Anderson’s drawing was the most accurate. Looking back at the text, one can see how a Tlic is illustrated. For example, Gan describes what he sees when Lomas is being cut open by T’Gatoi  for the birth of baby Tlics. He describes them as “large worms”. Also Gan describes T’Gatoi as boneless when she moves fast and states T’Gatoi has a long spine. Dissecting this text now illustrates to me a worm. I do not believe Dr.McCoy’s main point of this activity was to show that you can read the text better but that is what I got out of this activity.

In conclusion, I titled this blog as “The Best Class Ever” because a simple activity opened up my eyes that I can understand Blood Child even better. Even though we are college students it does not mean that we should lose sight of our creativity. At the end of the day creativity is what makes us different.


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