Put a Hold on Holding the Door

Why does a task that is so minuscule have such an impact on one’s character? If you fail to hold the door they say you are impolite, and raised wrong. If you hold the door too early you can be categorized as ‘too’ nice or even annoying. I believe that holding the door is overrated and outdated. A person has much more qualities to portray. This is a gesture that takes nothing but a second, but is considered crucial to ones personality. The issue becomes more complicated when you put it in this perspective; this campus is quite large, meaning you cannot identify every person you walk past. Thus, is holding the door for a stranger to protect your reputation worth the risk of allowing an unknown person into an exclusively accessible building? In todays society schools are putting safety above all due to the much too common events occurring. Which justifies why we should be more cautious when doing this deceivingly important action. The University of Georgia’s Police Department defines “the practice of holding the door for multiple persons” as “piggy backing”. Suggesting that this be avoided at all costs because it can lead to many risks such as burglary and possibly assault. Next time you hold the door, out of habit perhaps for an unfamiliar face consider the risks. 

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