Rewards of Coming to College

Coming into college I was terrified that I wouldn’t be mentally ready for the toll it would have on my mind, body, and soul. Throughout high school, my teachers would tell me that my professors would not care how I’m doing in the class or if I’m caught up on work. But now, my relationship with my professors are better than ever. I always feel welcome to come to office hours or email them about missing class or missing work.
Being in INTD 105 with Dr. McCoy has opened my eyes up. She allows us to call her by her first name of Beth which eliminates the boundaries and pre-established feelings that the students are lesser than the professor. This makes me feel like she cares about how well we’re understanding the material. I no longer fear asking questions in my classes or lectures to make sure I understand what is going on in the class. Also, I’ve realized that I am no lesser, and no greater than professors and teachers. They want me to succeed as much as I hope for myself.
Improving my relationships with my professors and other students has helped my grades improve and my mental health. Having the fear of speaking up in class gone has been a huge weight that Beth has helped lift off my shoulders.

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