Our Dependence on Technology!

As I walk across the SUNY Geneseo campus daily, I notice many students focused on their phones. Many students walk across campus with headphones in, or their attention focused on their phones. I so am also guilty of being consumed in my phone while walking across campus and not paying attention to what is right in front of me. With the advanced technologies of computers and phones today are limiting our interaction with the ‌world. People are choosing to live through  their phones rather than in the moment. Google being an important part of a day to day live having access to information at the click of a button. Ellen DeGeneres describes our access to technology in the video “Google it.”

Growing up my father has always had a flip phone. My siblings and I make fun of him for not texting and wanting an iPhone. He prefers to be simple and says “I rather talk on the phone, or face to face.” He believes communication is important and you miss out; not having a face to face or verbal conversation over the phone.

Our generation is constantly on their phones. Checking Instagram, Twitter, and any other social media accounts they have. You hear a buzz, or ding from a phone in a class and look around and everyone checks their phones to see if it is them. This reaction to our phones is becoming second nature; due to our dependence on technology. We lose out on social interaction because our attention is focused on our phones and electronic devices. Instead of having a conversation with others, we have grown accustomed to spending the majority of our time on our phones and other electronic devices.

Cell phones are the most vital form of technology consuming college students life. Generations before could not look up a word instantly on a phone or computer. Today’s society has unlimited access to information at their fingertips. Before the internet age, people would have to open a dictionary and flip through the pages to find a definition and read books to find information. Although, the speed at which we can find information is advancing, we lack appreciation for the technology that allows us to find info relatively quick. Also, we have no understanding of the value of the information we have access to. Today, we “Google it”. We can search our professors, fellow classmate, and even ourselves. Who knows what you might find by “googling it”?

We need to be conscious of how we want to spend our time. Students lose the critical social interaction due to their extenuating use of technology. As conscious students we need to  adapt a balance between face to face social interaction and our use of technology.

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