Throughout this semester, Dr. McCoy has provided us with feedback to assist us in reaching the goals listed on the syllabus. The feedback was essential in improving my writing this semester. It helped me to learn and make changes as the semester progressed.

I have made adjustments on how I approach my writing because of the feedback I have received from Dr. McCoy since my first post. I have learned to slow down when I am writing and spend more time proofreading. Proofreading prevents mechanical errors that in the past have negatively impacted my writing. I have learned to come back to my writing with fresh eyes, in order to prevent errors. I am delighted by the progress I have made with my writing since the beginning of the semester. However, I know I must continue to practice and develop skills to further improve my writing. I know I am the only one who can change my writing by practicing and because of Dr. McCoy I am confident in my skills.

Early the blogging process, I was struggling to make connections to the class and add textual evidence to support the connections. Dr. McCoy suggested I draft my blog post so I can make connections to the class. After meeting with Dr. McCoy and talking about how I could work on adding textual evidence to my posts, I suddenly became excited to post. She suggested I make a checklist of the requirements for the blog post and check it off before submitting them. This was beneficial and kept me accountable for adding textual evidence in my work. Blogging has been a learning experience in which has allowed for personal growth.

The feedback has given has made me think about my writing more and reassured me to work harder. I know I am capable of improving and the feedback has made me more comfortable with writing. I struggled with blogging and know writing can be hard but have received critical feedback that has helped me improve. I now understand that feedback is important and see it as encouraging instead of annoying.

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