Taking a Step Back

This semester was very stressful for me. So stressful that I withdrew from my macroeconomics class. At first, I was hesitant about withdrawing because I had never done anything like that before, even in high school I hadn’t dropped a class. So, the thought of withdrawing was kind of scary. What would happen? Would I get in trouble the school? Would my GPA drop? Would I be set back? Originally, I wasn’t going to but the morning of the 2nd, Jessica was talking about it in class and she made me realize that it’s not a big deal to just retake the class next semester. The macroeconomics class was the only class that I took this semester that pertained to my major; the rest were general education requirements. Because of this, I thought that the classes would be easy and therefore did not try that hard in the beginning of the semester. So, when I got my first tests and assignments back for the general education classes, the grades were not as good as I had hoped; this stressed me out to no end. I was so stressed out with all my other classes that my attention was drawn away from that macroeconomics class that I needed for my major.

Last semester I had taken two classes for my major and one of them I did not do very well in. For business majors, to be admitted into the school of business you must earn a 2.85 GPA. (I’m pretty sure all majors have the same requirement). Unfortunately, my GPA was not at that after the first semester. I needed to get a good grade in my macroeconomics class to get my GPA up, so I can get into the school of business. I am an economics major so everything that the professor said in class made sense and I understood everything that was going on…or so I thought. The grades I had received on the first two tests, my GPA was not going to get that 2.85 GPA that I needed. Because of this, I decided to withdraw. After I withdrew, the questions that I had asked myself before did not happen rather, huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I could then focus more on my general education classes and get my overall GPA up for this semester.

I needed to step back and realize that retaking it is what is going to be best for me in the long run. If anything, this was more of a learning experience than anything else. I realized that I had to take more pride in my business courses and that this wasn’t going to be easy. Next semester I am confident that I will finish that macro course with a better grade; I just needed that reboot.

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