The Importance of the SOFIs

As part of our final class period, we filled out the SOFI for Dr. McCoy. She asked us to take time to think about the feedback we give her, as she has spent so much time giving us appropriate feedback to better our class experience. Last semester I mindlessly filled out the SOFIs, not spending too much time on them, since I knew little of their purpose.

Early this semester, we spent significant time reading over some of Geneseo’s important documents such as the Mission Statement and the Vision and Values. Ever since this assignment I have found myself on Geneseo’s website quite a few times, reading all the information I can about a certain question I have or topic I am curious about. I have found that this has benefited me greatly, and my knowledge on the college I have chosen to be a student at has increased greatly.

Today, I found myself reading everything about the SOFIs. From the blurb about what they are, to the Frequently Asked Questions and so on. Through this I learned things about this common survey that I wouldn’t have expected. I knew the surveys were anonymous surveys that provide professors with course feedback so they can improve. But what I found through Geneseo’s website was the fact that professors can use these comments on portfolios. While this may seem like no big deal to us students, I can see where comments like these can benefit a professor if they are looking to improve their portfolio, since colleges want the best of the best to be teaching their classes and educating their students. I also did not know why the SOFIs lock before finals, now to find out that they are grade neutral. This seems to make sense because as a student you can not base a professors performance off of the work you did or did not put in.

In other words, our assignment at the beginning of the semester has opened my eyes and has encouraged me to learn everything I can about Geneseo. This knowledge will benefit me for the next three years, and allow me to understand the why’s of Geneseos policies.

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