The Other Side

A recent blog post by a classmate of mine stuck out to me. Just like John mentioned in his blog post entitled “Dishonest College Tours,” I too have noticed the many tours that take place during our class period.

Unlike most classes, our class takes place in not only a residence hall, but the newest (and nicest) hall on campus. I’d be lying if I said the tours don’t distract me every day, and that I don’t try to listen in on them to hear what mislead tales they will tell. One of the tour guides that frequently passes happens to be a friend of mine, and I know what she tells prospective students is not everything that she thinks about Geneseo.

I agree with John when he stated that these glamorized tours may hinder the possibility and realization of a “dynamic and inclusive scholarly environment,” even though Geneseo’s Mission Statement seeks to provide one. While Geneseo really is a wonderful school, which provides many academic opportunities and possibilities of excellence, all of the little lies may add up. Showing you the best of the best on tours, instead of the reality, may lead one to believe Geneseo is something that it is not. But now, being on the other side, no longer a prospective student but a full-time Geneseo student, I believe their mission statement does hold true.

Sure, some of the dorm rooms may be a little beat up, and a few classrooms aren’t up to a students prestigious standards, but Geneseo holds true to their statement in the value of education.

The Geneseo Mission Statement prides the school on working with students to “advance knowledge” and prepare “globally aware citizens.” And through the education I have received thus far, I believe Geneseo is transforming my learning abilities, along with my capabilities and possibilities for achievement. I am beyond grateful to be attending a school with such value behind its name, but even more grateful to be receiving such a quality education at a school that values their mission statement, and I hope that prospective students can see through to that.

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