A Second Chance

Everyone deserves a chance to fix their mistakes. Most professors aren’t generous enough to give students another shot. Luckily, Beth allowed our class to submit our Bloodchild essay draft to be edited and revised by her before we submitted the final product.

It’s important to make multiple drafts when writing. These rough drafts set up general ideas of the paper. Many students wait until the day the paper is due to start, leaving minimal time to revise or edit. As you go through the writing process, many different mistakes can come up that you or a proofreader don’t realize. Also, in a first draft, your thoughts may not be clear to the reader but make sense when reading the paper to yourself.¬†

Creating a first draft can prevent procrastination. Throughout the entire semester, Beth warned us about procrastination¬†and although it’s a natural thing, we have to try our hardest to avoid it. Even Beth gave us examples of how she procrastinated, how she avoids it and even though she tries to avoid it, its not always possible. The first draft helps get you started on your paper and paves way for a better paper.

This assignment has taught me that it is okay to make mistakes in the first draft. It’s a learning experience to read through your works from a couple days or weeks ago and helps students become more responsible with their writing. Beth allowing us to rewrite our rough drafts emphasizes that she understands that no ones writing is perfect but we have to keep revising and editing it to get it to become the best piece you can produce.¬†

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