The Collaborative Writing Process

Much of in class discussion over the past several weeks has been the Chipman/Urstein article and the academic probation letter. Until we began revising our own versions of the letter I did not realize how much thought goes into important official statements like that of the probation letter. As we have been working on the collaborative writing with different groups it has occurred to me the importance of this diligence. Something I have noticed from group to group is that everyone has their own writing style and method of revision. This is not inherently surprising, as everyone thinks differently, but with something as detailed as this letter, those differences have become very apparent to me.  As the groups have slowly changed in composition from week to week I have noticed small, but notable shifts in the psychology of the group and the written pieces. Withholding names, in some instances I have noticed certain people -including myself- stepping back, and stepping up depending on who their working with, and how big the group is. I myself am rather comfortable in small groups and contribute significantly to them in general. When groups become larger, and eventually class sized I tend to hold back, allowing those who like to speak do so. In many ways this can be a problem, as it can lead to disassociation or disinterest, however the desire to contribute is always there. 


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