Goal Setting Essay

Blood child states, “If we’re not your animals, these are adult things, accept the risk. There is risk, Gatoi, in dealing with a partner.” There is always risk. No matter what u do there will be consequences, for better or for worse. A risk involving the academic world, more so at a younger age may seem heightened. One may look at college institutions as a partnership. Students go to these institutions with the expectation that they will gain or improve on qualities that pertain to accomplishments in adulthood. Students are given expectations from their professors through a syllabus. The syllabus goes in depth on ways to take care of yourself, as well as taking accountability for the great work or lack thereof if found in compromising position. Topics include Mental Health, Academic Support Services, Library Research Help, Academic Integrity and Plagiarism, Computer and Technology Support, Food Security for SUNY Geneseo Students. It’s important that we realize the older you get you should accept the responsibility of events that go wrong. And although there is no way to stop the unexpected there are ways to prevent and deal with all situations. According to the syllabus there are many factors that might trigger an imbalance in a students mental health, “increased anxiety, shifts in mood, strained relationships, difficulties related to substance use, trouble concentrating, and lack of motivation”. In extreme cases an individual finding the strength to get up and take care of their mental health in moments where they feel their weakest, will be a challenge. However with every experience comes a risk. Academic Support Services is a guideline for students in need of support. A student may often find themselves in a situation where they don’t quite comprehend the work given to them in which they can use the service provided to them. The services go as far as breaking down lecture material for any misunderstanding one might bump into. Another resource used is the Library Research Help, having individuals that are more than qualified should make any setbacks on research more achievable. Being in an academic partnership means Academic Integrity and Plagiarism is an extreme offence. The intense academic support given should eliminate the need to plagiarize. With that being said it the risk of not acknowledging the seriousness of plagiarism are massive. In any instance where technology were to fail an individual the Computer and Technology Support would be there to assist in the time of need. If there’s a case in which the staff can not assist there is said to be “7,500 online tutorials for software, digital tools, web development, programming, and design through lynda.com training resources available.”

It is all a choice of whether or not the outcome will be a risk or reward. Although it’s easier said than done, there are many opportunities to flourish but there are also many opportunities to fail. It all depends on the work accounted for as well as the response to wrong doings. 

Parts of the story Bloodchild demonstrates an inference that a now dominating character will become a relient partnership. The way T’Gatoi is reliant on the warmth of the other characters and they all eat the eggs to stay at a certain age. Keeping in mind the lack of understanding and knowledge towards the whole story, it seems as though there will come a point in which T’Gatoi will have to let go of the influence hovering over Gan and his family. Gan states, “T’Gatoi lifted her head perhaps a meter of her body off the couch as though she was sitting up. She looked at my mother, her face lined and old looking, turned away” (Bloodchild,4). There is very little said in that passage but it seems as though there is some unsaid tension in the household as well as power being held by T’Gatoi. It is too soon to tell the time of relationship between the characters but based on the events taken so far there is a dynamic that is bound to change leading T’Gatoi to grow and accept the risk in partnership or neglect partnership and stay in a dominating non respectable position. 

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