BloodChild and Plagiarism

Mackenzie Jefferson

March 26, 2020

Plagiarism Policy and Bloodchild 


Bloodchild by Octavia Butler is a short story that is about the relationship between a boy named Gan and a creature named T’Gatoi. In this world, the Terrans are ruled over by Tlic. T’Gatoi and Gan’s relationship on paper looks like a happy love story. However, the relationship is abusive and domineering. T’Gatoi and Gan have a power dynamic where T’Gatoi holds all the power. This strange power dynamic can be seen at SUNY Geneseo. Most notably in the Plagiarism Modules. Plagiarism is a problem plaguing college campuses. Some students will do whatever it takes in order to maintain a perfect GPA. The school has laid out rules in order to prevent this from happening. Instead of fostering an environment where grades do not necessarily reflect intelligence or create more achievable GPA goals. The university uses scary repercussions if someone is thought to have plagiarized. Even if someone plagiarized themselves. This unfair dynamic does not need to be in a relationship like in Blood Child; or in academic partnership.

Body Paragraph 1: 

The relationship between T’Gatoi and Gan was unequal. T’Gatoi and Gan should have had an equal relationship but T’Gatoi had all the power. For example, T’Gatoi strips down Lomas and tells Gan to go out and slaughter a large animal and bring it back. Gan has never done this before and hesitates and then she hits him with her tail: hard. Gan quickly got up and looked for a weapon to kill an animal. This shows the inequality between the two. In an urgent situation, T’Gatoi hits Gan. This was extremely abusive behavior and Gan still responds to this. He listens to her. This highlights their inequality. The relationship with the school is the same way. The student and the administration should be on the same playing field. However, this is not the case when it comes to plagiarism. Academic dishonesty for the school it writes. “If the student denies responsibility and the faculty member is convinced that the student is not responsible, the matter is dropped.” However, in the same article, it lays an article out a plan to directly punish a student if not believed to be true. This highlights the abusive nature of the school to make sure students follow the rules.

Body Paragraph 2: 

T’Gatoi has a lot of power. T’Gatoi instituted a policy united the Tilc and Terrans families. T’Gatoi was what stood between the Terrans and the desperate Tilc. The who; family knows they owe everything to T’Gatoi. T’Gatoi is shown asserting abusive and unnecessary power on to the family. But because of her political power, the family knows that they owe T’Gatoi everything.

Body Paragraph 3:

 T’Gatoi had an indifference to Lomas pain. Gan is thinking only of Lomas’ pain

T’Gatoi was also been seen to be insensitive to emotional turmoil her iron fist control over Gan and his family. For example, T’Gatoi cut up Lomas with her claw. Lomas screamed in agony but paid little attention and licked the blood way. Gan feels he will have to vomit soon. T’Gatoi shows noticeable indifference to Lomas pain and reinforces the divide between Terrans and the Tilc. T’Gatoi thinking only of the babies. Gan seeing Lomas’s pain. 

Body Paragraph 4: 

Qui has already witnessed a similar traumatic experience to what Gan will soon witness. He doesn’t have this foundation of trust; he was not raised by Tilc rather than face the problem Qui runs away. Gan doesn’t have fear or hate towards the Tilc as Qui does. Qui still makes sure he gets his egg. Instead of being unafraid like Gan. Qui often runs away from reality. I think this is similar to the story recommended to the student to read in the plagiarism module The Story is called the peak and it’s a scary story where college students were suspended for plagiarism. A scary tale to read to convince students to stay far away from plagiarism. However, the story wants us to fear the administration and want them to feel bad for what they have done. For example, it says It must be extremely frustrating for those honest students

to see a small number of fellow students taking an unfair academic



Geneseo’s policy on Plagiarism is messed up. It needs to be revised. Blood Child explained the abusive relationship between. 

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