Life’s Integrative Lessons : SUNY Geneseo Edition

According to the video of the SUNY Geneseo’s Facilities Services Department, they provide “quality maintenance services that assure safe, reliable, aesthetically pleasing building and grounds.” To me that means their services are essential towards the functioning of the school. Brandon Schmitt, a cleaner who works at SUNY Geneseo, mentioned how he has a future in the cleaning position which he wasn’t expecting when he first got involved. I feel like the image that is given by the Facilities Services is they give people a chance to have an opportunity at a life of a secured position. They create the impression of an organization that is willing to give help when needed and teach to anyone who wants to learn. Teaching students will give them the opportunity to focus on something productive as well as having a successful career in that field, if they choose. 

The employees contribute to academic partnership by first being great human beings and with that they help students find them self by allowing them room to grow as individuals. According to the Heating Plant page “The Heating Plant unit is charged with the responsibility of providing service utilities in an economic, efficient, safe and timely manner.” The workers of the heating plant dedicate twenty-four hours a day/seven days a week to monitor the heating plant making sure that us students are able to have a safe and comfortable living space. I had noticed the heating plant building before, but I hadn’t paid much attention to it simply because I thought it did not concern me because I had no classes there. Now learning about it, I feel it was an ignorant thought, but ignorant due to the fact that I didn’t take the time to learn about my surroundings. But since learning I can say I am incredibly grateful for the time put in from all the employees and commodities involved.  

When I think about the connection with the partnership with facilities planning at Geneseo it makes me see “Bloodchild” in a different light. I realize that the Facilities Services at Geneseo are willing to give any student, willing, a chance to learn and become something more. It made me realize that’s what T’Gatoi lacked. She lacked certain aspects of being a good leader. “I chose you. I believed you had grown to choose me.” The conversation to me shows the great aspects of a leader that T’Gatoi showed which was choosing someone to teach. Just like the Facility Services choosing young adults to work alongside them and eventually branch out on their own. But unlike the Facilities Services T’Gatoi didn’t allow Gan to lead for himself.  If I were to join the Facilities Services community, after going through training I would feel more confident in myself and more welcomed if I were able to do the job I learned on my own. At first T’Gatoi didn’t allow the person she chose to lead, if T’Gatoi had continued with her controlling and defensive tendencies it might have eventually crippled Gans growth and ability to learn. However, Gan stands up for himself by expressing, “There is risk, Gatoi, in dealing with a partner.” (Butler, 26) After he expressed that, T’Gatoi took a step back. As Gan noticed the reasoning behind the irrational decisions as well as the lack of dependence on him, was because of the fear T’Gatoi had developed because of her own experience with the world. As an educator, teacher, or anyone in an authoritative position, it is important to let the student/observer to grow and learn on their own. 

To integrate means to unite, bring together as well as incorporate. As a human race we would not be where we are today if it weren’t for integrating all aspects of life, whether it’s music, dance, films or anything else; the question of does integrative learning have anything to do with the process regarding this heating plant essay, yes. As Steve Prince said in the video “the most important part of this project is not the product, it’s the process.” It’s important to keep in mind everyone does everything for a reason, we are all different for a reason and because we are all unique individuals, we bring something different to the table. Though we may not see eye to eye and may even disagree with what another person has to say, we must at least be conscious of the way we react.

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