The Leading Standards for Integrative Learning

Integrative learning is the ability for students to have an understanding of when to make connections between experiences. Integrative learning allows students to become a part of their community to build off connections and expand their knowledge. Students can easily apply their own knowledge into voicing their own opinions and expressing it on a deeper level. Another key point about integrative learning is having the ability to apply the knowledge from the classroom settings to the outside world. Students can, therefore, explore the many different subjects. It brings every student body together from many backgrounds to larger concepts. I feel that this opens many doors for individuals to succeed. This learning capability can help to accomplish many things. This idea of integrative learning has drawn my focus towards Octavia Butler’s story “Bloodchild”, the facility, and heating plant staff. 

There are so many parts to which Geneseo plays a big role in contributing to help support and incorporate academic partnerships between the school and students. According to Facilities Services, they help to establish the safety and security of every student body. It states on the Facilities Services homepage that their job is to “provide quality maintenance services that assure safe, reliable, aesthetically pleasing buildings and grounds”. I believe this plays an important role within the idea of the academic partnership because, in order to meet these standards and ensure everyone’s security, you want to connect with other individuals. This can be achieved by expanding on one another’s knowledge and applying it to the best of their abilities to school grounds. This allows students to also get to know who is behind running certain departments, and it gives them the resources that they need. Facilities services care to see the success in many student bodies, making sure they feel comfortable at the school and getting the resources that they need to succeed. This is indeed an important aspect for students to feel safe and call their place like home. This relates back to “Bloodchild” as the Terrans were risking their lives to be on the Tlic planet just as some students risk their current homes to go away for college. Once students move away to a new college and a new environment they are accepting everything that the school has to offer, they are committing to the school meaning they have to commit and take responsibilities for what the school has to offer them. The same concept falls for Gan’s family in where they decided to move into the Tlic planet and agree to their relationship with the Tlics but they didn’t quite agree to the environment. They came in not knowing the full story to T’Gatoi’s story and it led to some misunderstanding and confusion between Gan, him being the host, and T’Gatoi. 

The Heating plant is a facility made to stress it’s importance in ensuring “high-pressure steam, heating hot water, domestic water, and natural gas”. This all plays a major role in academic partnership and the school. The Heating plant and facilities member work to ensure the safety, security, provide a healthier and cleaner environment. This affects the student because as a student attending Geneseo and living in Geneseo, their academic standing is to continue their studies while also having all the support that they need. The heating plant stands in between ensuring students feel comfortable living on school grounds and working to the best of their ability to make this happen. I feel that students without a clean environment and resources being applied to them can be difficult and enhance the student’s mental health to change drastically. It can affect their academic performance, their grades may drop down, it can cause students to undergo depression and poor health standards. The heating plant has cared to show how much it can help the environment not just the school but if we take precautions and pay attention closely, the heating plant is responsible for “monitoring the energy management system, calculates combustion efficiencies, tests chemicals used to treat boilers” as stated in the heating plant homepage. It’s come to an understanding that from the heating plant homepage our members care to show a lot of commitment towards the needs that Geneseo tempts to offer, and what it takes to ensure the safety for all student body. 

Without the heating plant and facilities services, there wouldn’t be any commitment, responsibility and further action to be taken upon for. Students would lack support from the school. Students would struggle in their daily lives to provide for themselves. Many students will be left without warm water, power, and heat. This can soon cause to demonstrate a decrease in future graduation rates because of the lack of support and resources students are receiving. Not only that but it can cause a disconnection between the school and the student. The idea of a successful academic partnership will no longer be present. There will be a disconnection between facility workers and the students. Without communication, there would be a lack of school improvement and their ability to feel effective. The importance of facilities services and the heating plant will only eliminate a crucial opportunity for students to practice relationships and integrative learning initiatives within their environment if left without the response to profound happiness and success.

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