Risk and rewards of Collage Essay (Draft)

Adjusting to college is difficult for college freshmen. How do I manage all of my assignments? In high school, they gave you one assignment at a time and reminded you of due dates. Where in college you get all your due dates given to you at once. Each professor’s grading policies are different. Some professors grade based on effort while other professors grade based on accuracy. Did I miss a due date? In college, you have to manage your time and schedule where in high school you have a set time for school. Also, it is especially difficult when you don’t have class and consistent reminders to finish your assignments, and when they are due how am I going to manage everything on my own? This is a huge adjustment for any college student but especially in 2020 due to the circumstances we have. Before COVID there would be study groups, All classes in person, friends to work on assignments with but now you are all online with some in-person classes, only allowed to hang with your suitemates and getting help over a zoom call.  I want good grades so I can pass my courses. There is a lot of pressure on college students to succeed in the future. I personally put a lot of pressure on myself because I want to do my best and more. These are just some of the many thoughts that go through freshman students’ heads. Adjusting to college life is hard but this year is extra hard due to corona from having to self-learning, having to “self teach”, and having to talk to professors via zoom is also hard, I am a people person, I like to make connections with people and I prefer talking face to face vs. on a screen. Coming from someone who learns better in a classroom this adjustment to online school is very difficult. This year will bring a lot of self-growth mentally and academically. Why will it bring a lot of self-growth? It will bring a lot of self-growth because there is a lot less social and a lot more independent work. The course writing seminar for the risks and rewards of the academic partnership taught by Dr. McCoy relates to this year because this course guides students through a self-journey of self-growth. With this course, there are choices that could lead to risks and rewards.

A huge part of self-growth in this course is self-assessed assignments. Self-assessed assignments are “graded” using “care for course accountability, care for growth, and care for peers growth” as shown in the syllabus. making sure you hold yourself accountable to your work comes with responsibility“ process that depends on trust, transparency, accountability, care, and acknowledging the possibility of harm. Sometimes you are your toughest critic. You might be tougher on yourself then you are on others which makes it difficult to see others work and not compare your work to theirs. 

The responsibility of self-assessment comes with a lot of risk and reward. 

The most important reward of self-grading is not having to stress about making sure everything is “correct” so you get a good grade but instead putting your focus on making sure your work is personable and you are thinkING. While performing self-grading you get to learn your strengths and weaknesses which then will help you define your own goals/steps to improve yourself while meeting your expected level of achievements in education. With every reward, there is a risk that follows. A risk with self-assessment is accurately grading yourself (are you giving yourself enough credit or are you giving yourself to much credit).

As scary as risks can be the can also be a good thing, risks could possibly lead to failure but with Dr. McCoy’s positive feedback that you can take into consideration that can help you with other class assignments. 
Along with self-growth making sure you set goals for yourself is also important. My goal for this semester and course is to speak up more. Especially in group discussions. I struggle a lot with a class discussion I feel like other people’s opinions matter more than mine. Sometimes I feel that my own perspective on the material isn’t very valuable so there’s no point in sharing. My feeling for this stems from my social anxiety.

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