ThinkING, Learning, and Growing are these concepts worth the risk? (Rewrite)

ThinkING and learning are two concepts that I believe are the key to being successful in whatever you do in life, but especially in college. In “Bloodchild” by Octavia Butler, the characters in the story are forced to depend on and accept one another. For example, The Terrans and the Tlic begin helping each other to survive. “Life on the Preserve” in “Bloodchild” is how an individual can flourish when they are willing to live with helping the greater needs of society, and then accepting what it offers back. This course really focuses on thinkING and learning, and I feel that in this course I will learn both the risks and rewards of these concepts. In this course I will have to give meaningful feedback to my peers and hope that in return, I get good faith feedback as well. This connects to the “Preserve” in “Bloodchild” Thinking is the action of using one’s mind to produce thoughts (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). In this course I can tell that I have already become a more in-depth thinker. For example, when I was doing the second to the forum assignment on good faith, I had to dig deep and think of how I try to use good faith. Also making connections requires deep thinking. Learning is described as knowledge or skill acquired by instruction or study (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Having the ability to self-assess myself will really show me whether or not I reached my full potential. As always, I set goals high for myself and try my best to achieve those goals, and with this course I have the opportunity to set my own goals throughout the semester. As Butler said Although I many not always achieve the goals I set that is a part of the “risks” much of what this course focuses on.

There are many risks and rewards that this class offers. One reward that I already took out of this course so far is having the ability to change my “growth mindset” for the better. In the syllabus it states, “These questionnaires emphasize growth mindset” (Professor McCoy). Having the chance to think critically and analyze many different texts is something that this course offers. In this class receiving feedback from my peers will help me to grow as a writer and person. Sometimes the feedback given by a peer might not be something you want to hear, or it may not be constructive but that is all part of the “risks” in this class. In this course the risks will help develop more opportunities for thinking and learning. I have always considered myself to have a growth mindset, where you can learn new things. For me in this course I am going to be learning many new things. Since this is a self-assessed class, I have to trust myself to stay on top of the work in order to succeed. I also have to look at my work from a different point of view, I can’t be too harsh on myself or grade too easy. As seen in “Bloodchild” it is important to contribute and make sacrifices to better each other, and accept what is given by others in return. For this course, it’s important that I remember this. In this class I am looking forward to learning how to grade myself, I have never been given this opportunity before. This course sets limits and rewards on self-assessing. As professor McCoy states “This process entails substantial risk on my part. I believe the possibilities for thinkING and learning are worth the risk.” (McCoy)

This course offers many risks and rewards and it is up too you whether or not you make the most out of it. For me, the process of self-growth as a writer is what I hope to focus on. By the end of the semester I hope to notice a difference in my ability to write, analyze, learn, think, and self-assess. There are limits on all of goals and choices that I have in this course, but in life there are always limits on what you can and cannot do. For example, in life it is key that you limit the amount of time you have to complete a task. You can’t spend everyday doing the same thing, if you limit your time on a task, like an essay, it will help you to focus more on the task and eventually finish it. This course is about responsibility and accountability. I believe that taking risks are well worth it especially if in the end a reward comes out of the “risk”. The overall goal for me in INTD 105 is to further my “growth mindset”, be honest with myself, continue learning, and thinkING to become a successful writer throughout college and beyond.

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