How Your College May Be Putting You At Risk

Finals week. Stress is in the air and everyone is trying to keep it together, somehow. This is the time of the year where your college should be trying to provide forms of stress relief, as to reduce the risk of mental breakdowns and suicide. But no, your school may actually be putting you more at risk than you would be otherwise.  Continue reading “How Your College May Be Putting You At Risk”

What Can We Learn from Misleading News Titles?

In order to help us pick what we want to view, websites add short summaries on the link of whatever is actually inside the link. The short summary will, in most cases, will be the title of the webpage. Sometimes, however, these short summaries are misleading as it is in the case of this webpage. The short summary is: “Social media makes student writing worse teachers”, while the actual title of the article is: “Social media makes for better student writing, not worse, teachers say.” Continue reading “What Can We Learn from Misleading News Titles?”