Welcome, and how to blog here!

(The following language is adapted from Professor Schacht’s original “How to Blog Here” post): A post can be a few words plus a link or embedded video, or it can be a couple of paragraphs. It should be of interest to the group as a whole. It can contain some personal reflection or indicate a particular point of view, but it shouldn’t read like an entry in a personal diary. It should not serve as a space to vent.

Consider your audience: the whole community of folks at SUNY Geneseo (and perhaps beyond) who read, think, and write. Say something or point to something (e.g., an interview or article) that you think the community will find interesting, and explain how/why. Don’t worry whether what you have to say is “important” enough. Just be sure to keep it relevant to the community’s common interest. Continue reading “Welcome, and how to blog here!”