At the end of class today when Beth brought up how and when to use less and fewer, I got to thinking. In class I mentioned that at Wegmans they used to have on their lights “Seven items or less”. After a lot of scrutiny from customers about their incorrect grammar, Wegmans changed the signs. They now read “Seven items or fewer”.

Wegmans has a huge place in my heart. Being from Rochester, Wegmans is literally life. I grew up shopping there with my mom every week. When we would travel I would (and still do) dread going to a different grocery store because they wouldn’t have exactly what I wanted, like Wegmans.

If your mom is anything like mine, she nagged you for years to get a job before you actually did. Wegmans runs in my family and when i say runs i mean RUNS. My aunt Marla is in corporate at the artificial cheese caves, my cousin has been working their since he was fifteen and even my brother. My moms best friends husband is high up in corporate and his kids are mine and my brothers best friends and even they work at Wegmans!

So now going into my senior year of high school I’m one of the only people in my family not working for Wegmans. I finally got up the courage to send in my application and send my aunt and friend an email asking them to put a good word in for me. If any of you know, it is very difficult to get into Wegmans without knowing someone. Connections mean everything when it comes to Wegmans and really when it comes to life also.

The day after I submitted my application i received a phone call from the human resources lady at my store. She told me I would have a phone interview and if all went well I would have a store interview. I was soooo nervous!! The day came for the phone interview and I thought that everything had went pretty well. About a week later I heard back and I got the interview at the store. I waited another week and went in for my interview. Everyone was really nice and helpful and I was feeling really confident about everything. They told me that they had a few others to choose from and that I would be hearing soon. I didn’t hear for a while, but when i did..




First day of work!








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