At the end of class today when Beth brought up how and when to use less and fewer, I got to thinking. In class I mentioned that at Wegmans they used to have on their lights “Seven items or less”. After a lot of scrutiny from customers about their incorrect grammar, Wegmans changed the signs. They now read “Seven items or fewer”.

Wegmans has a huge place in my heart. Being from Rochester, Wegmans is literally life. I grew up shopping there with my mom every week. When we would travel I would (and still do) dread going to a different grocery store because they wouldn’t have exactly what I wanted, like Wegmans. Continue reading “Wegmans”

Relay for Mom

As I mentioned in my previous post, coming to college was a major struggle for me personally. Soon after I figured out why I was struggling, I decided that I needed to become apart of something and get involved. Gianna urged me to join the club Colleges Against Cancer. At first, this seemed like a wild idea and she probably asked me ten times before I gave in and went to a meeting. 

For me, cancer hits very close to home. When I was in 8th grade my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. My mom is my best friend and hearing that she was in this position made my world stop. She is also one of the smartest people I know and she was able to quickly and efficiently deal with the disease and kill it. She went through 3 major surgeries and thankfully she never had to undergo chemo or radiation. It was not easy, but she faced the disease head on and was rewarded in the end with her life. My mom beat cancer and I could not be more thankful and proud of her to this day. 

Thinking about my mom, I joined the club and actually caught myself having a good time. It gave me something to do every Monday night and made me get out of bed. It is so rewarding to do something to honor my mom and the numerous people that have fought the same battle. I hope to see lots of you tomorrow night at our Relay for Life event at the Wilson Ice Arena!  

From Personal Experience

In class a few weeks ago when we were talking about “The Power of Realistic Expectations”, it made me stop and think about my own experiences at college. One part of the conversations that really stood out to me was the fact that so many of us have so many other outside influences affecting our experiences at Geneseo and in our daily lives. 

I’ve struggled a lot my first year in college. It hasn’t been easy, for any of us. But, for this moment I’m going to share with you my experience and then maybe you can share with us. 

My senior year of high school my parents told my brother and me that they were getting a divorce. Soon after, my dad moved out and I don’t see him hardly ever. When summer rolled around my mom let us know that we were moving. Leaving my home, my friends, my town, was probably the hardest part of it all. I knew I would have to leave eventually when I went to college, but it all came so quickly and before I knew it I was 30 minutes away from everything I loved. I work at Wegmans and commuting 30 minutes to work everyday didn’t make much sense so I also had to transfer stores. Not only did I have to transfer stores, but leave behind my managers and coworkers I had grown to know and care about. 

Now came the time that I had to leave for college. Summer was over and growing up was coming, whether I liked it or not. I’ve always been a mommas girl and leaving my mom was probably the hardest part of it all. Move in day came and I feel like it all went fairly smooth (if anyone doesn’t know, Gianna is my roomie). 

The first few weeks of school hit me like a ton of bricks. No matter how prepared I thought I was, I wasn’t. Since I can remember, I’ve struggled with anxiety. But, when school started my anxiety sky rocketed and I started feeling lower and lower as the days went on. It started becoming harder to get out of bed and force myself to go to class. Nothing seemed interesting and I felt alone. Soon I found out that I had depression… dun dun dun. 

Once I figured out that I was depressed, everything moved fairly quickly. My mom got me appointments with different doctors and I started talking to a therapist weekly. I started feeling better and feeling more and more like myself again. It’s an everyday struggle, but theres so much I have to experience and hiding out is not an option. I’m still not completely 100%, but being able to do things and not always be in bed has been such an improvement. 

There’s a lot going on in people’s lives that we don’t know about. Before we all jump to conclusions, get to know people. Know their struggles, before you walk away and judge. I hope my story makes at least one person reading this feel better about a struggle they themselves have dealt with. Theres always a solution and people supporting you, you just need to accept the help.  

Mission Statements Everywhere

As I was thinking about our latest class and our discussion about mission statements, I came across the mission statement of Geneseo’s food service in Starbucks. I like to think that I am pretty good with technology, but the file with the picture was too big to post on this site. So, if anyone wants to see it for their own eyes they’ll have to go to Starbucks. Sorry!

Anyways, seeing this made me realize how seriously schools take the idea of mission statements. They define a school and what they want people to know about them, is what they include. This mission statement in particular is quite a bit different because it specifically talks about the “CAS Values” and then relates them to Geneseo overall. Some of the main points made throughout the poster include: valuing people, pursuing excellence, embracing diversity, leading with integrity and accountability, and growing through innovation. They bring together the people that work in the food service and the students and faculty at Geneseo. Each statement embodies what CAS wants the Geneseo community and those that visit Geneseo to know about them.

Although reading through mission statements for our homework probably wasn’t everyone’s first choice, at least I can say I’m glad we did. Pretty much every establishment now-a-days has a mission statement, so I challenge you all to go out and find them!