Hit Save

There should be a set of brakes on the send button of my computer. I learned the hard way of being too hasty with a submission to a professor. I made the mistake of not saving my final draft before turning it in through Canvas. Thus, off went the wrong essay. It was an un-proofed, rough draft of an essay that was chock of errors and notes to myself. When Dr. McCoy sent it back to me, irate with me for being so careless it made me sink with embarrassment. Shamed, I felt like the fire alarm of my dorm had been pulled and there I was standing among my peers, in front of my building dripping wet and standing in a towel.
All the “should haves” came dancing through my head. I should have known better. I should have checked the document before hitting send. I should’ve hit save. I should have simply slowed down.
And the truth of the matter is that‘s just it. Slowing down. Hitting the brakes. Taking a moment to think before speaking, acting, reacting and this case, hitting send. This is something thoroughly discussed during class, proofreading. A step back to look at your work, ensure this is what you are ready to submit. I have learned a lot about the way in which I write throughout the semester. I tend to rush through work creating errors and mistyped words. Dr. McCoy addressed this to me quite early in the semester, and since then I have kept it in the back of mind when not only writing for INTD but all of my assigned essays. I like to think my writing is improving and that these skills will continue to develop throughout the rest of my college writing experiences.
I learned from the mistake I made just a week ago. I need to slow down; I need to take an extra look and I most definitely need to hit save before submission.

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