Ten Blogposts Later

I have reached my final blogpost. I thought I would be relieved to write this, but am surprised at my reluctance. During the class time dedicated to reading blogposts, I was searching for something to reflect upon. I had the thought to look back on my own posts and see if I could recognize my own progress. It was in my own blogposts that I found what I was looking for. 

Not only did I realize how far I had come, but I found something I said in my first blog post that I no longer feel is true. I claimed that “we as students have lost our ability to be creative in the classroom.” For years, I had felt restricted by a rigid curriculum, writing to meet word counts rather than to improve. I did not incorporate my own values in my writing, or any work for that matter; there was simply no time for it. This was especially true for my AP classes where the time to meet all requirements of the curriculum was a month shorter due to the exam schedule. I spent so many years following a strict curriculum that I could not see a place for creativity in the classroom. 

From my first blogpost until now, I am happy to say that I have found my creativity, and then some. I never thought I would use creativity as a tool to succeed in school, in fact I used to see it as a distraction. Sure I used it every now and then, but in general I tended to avoid creativity for the sake of curriculum. However, I have discovered that the two do not have to be mutually exclusive. Ten blogposts, three months, and one semester later… I have finally broken the barrier of curriculum. 

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