The Common Issue: Procrastination

As I sit here writing my last blog post, I’m looking back at my first blog post and have realized how far I have come. Even though it’s my tenth blog post I’m still somewhat stumped what to write about and have been procrastinating for about an hour now. I’ve always been a procrastinator, I even procrastinated on my blog posts. 

In my previous blog post, A Second Chance, I mentioned how Beth explained her occasional struggles with procrastination and ways we can avoid procrastinating. Procrastination isn’t an uncommon issue. It happens among students, teachers, professors and everyone in the workforce. It’s an issue that we all must face and conquer to improve on not only our writing skills but our everyday lives.

Academically speaking, procrastination has affected me in many different ways throughout my educational experience. It has lowered my grades that could’ve been higher if I took the time instead of wasting it. It has made me miss due dates for assignments and even come up with lame excuses as to why the work isn’t done.  Procrastination has affected many people throughout Writing these blog posts have helped me realize my flaw of procrastination.

One of Geneseo’s GLOBE learning outcomes is “Application and Transfer: To adapt and apply skills, theories, and methods gained in one or more domains to new situations”. Geneseo wants its students to adapt and apply diverse types of skills. This could imply students knowing how to avoid procrastination.

With all of Beth’s helpful feedback, Geneseo’s resources and having realized my flaw, I believe that I can use this knowledge to help better my writing and my educational experience here at Geneseo for the next three years.


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